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  • Omegon 114/900 EQ-1 telescope

    • Brand: Omegon
    • Product Code: 11266
    • Availability: In Stock
    Garantija 2 gadi


    The classical Newton Reflector telescope according to Isaac Newton. These measurements and this kind of construction has been available for three decades now and has proved its power and efficiency 

    The 114 mm mirror permits impressing planet observations as well as interesting Deep Sky experiences. Discover the rings of Saturn, Jupiter's moons and our neighbor planet Mars - under good conditions (for example in opposition), you will discover fascinating surface textures. Larger globular star clusters such as M15 can partly be dissolved into single stars because of their light collecting ability at the edges. 

    The EQ-1 is a parallactic mounting with an outstanding price-performance ratio! Its stability provides some beautiful and enjoyable hours with your telescope under the impressing sky. It permits a fine adjustment in declination and right ascension axis and can be refitted with an electronic tracking motor drive (to compensate the earth rotation) which replaces exhausting manual tracking.

    Type: Reflector
    Type of build: Newton
    Aperture (mm): 114
    Focal length (mm): 900
    Focal ratio: F/7.9
    Max. useful magnification: 230
    Light gathering capacity: 270
    Resolving capacity: 1.01
    Limiting stellar magnitude (mag): 12.1
    Focuser: 1.25" Gear Rack
    Type: Equatorial
    Type of build: EQ-1
    GoTo system: No
    Tracking: No
    Material: Aluminium
    Type : Tripod
    Weight (kg): 12
    Warranty: 2 years
    Included accessories
    Barlow lens: 2 x
    1.25'' eyepieces: 25 mm, 10 mm
    Finderscope: 6 x 30
    Recommended for:
    Beginners: Yes
    Intermediate: Not recommended
    Advanced: No
    Area of application
    Nature observation: No
    Moon & planets: Yes
    Nebula & galaxies No
    Sun: No (only with appropriate Sun filter)
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