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  • Omegon N 114/500 EQ-1 telescope

    • Brand: Omegon
    • Product Code: 49506
    • Availability: In Stock
    Garantija 2 gadi


    N 114/500 telescope: This classic Newtonian telescope provides 114mm of aperture in a particularly light and compact design. It is therefore an ideal telescope for beginners. It is very easy to transport, simple to handle and requires no special expertise to operate. This telescope you will show you the rings of Saturn and the cloud bands and moons of Jupiter - looking like a small planetary system all of its own. The brighter nebulae and regions of star formation, such as the Orion Nebula, can also be observed. Why not go on your own personal voyage of discovery.


    The EQ-1Mount:

    This parallactic mount provides the possibility of accurately aligning the optics to the Pole Star. The correct polar elevation can be set for any observing site or geographical latitude. Slow motions on the Right Ascension and Declination axes allow objects to be precisely adjusted in the field of view and followed, with a counterweight provided for precise counterbalancing of the optics.

    The EQ-1 mount comes as one of two variants, with a free-standing tripod or a table-top tripod. You can find more details in the technical data. The free-standing tripod is extendable to between 70cm and 120cm high and has a tray, providing space for eyepieces and other accessories. The table-top tripod is extremely compact and light, and thus ideal for trips or holidays. The smaller of the EQ mounts is extremely light and compact and can fit into virtually any travel bag. It is easy enough to set up for any beginner and can be just as easily used by children. A motor for tracking in right ascension is an optional upgrade.

    Included in delivery of the mount:

    • parallactic EQ-1mount
    • tripod
    • suitable counterweight
    Type: Reflector
    Type of build: Newton
    Aperture (mm): 114
    Aperture ratio: 4,4
    Focal length (mm): 500
    Focal ratio: F/4,4
    Max. useful magnification: 228 x
    Light gathering capacity: 270 x
    Resolving capacity: 1,01
    Limiting stellar magnitude (mag): 12,1
    Focuser: 1,25" Gear rack
    Tube construction: Full tube
    Type: Equatorial
    Type of build: EQ-1
    GoTo system: No
    Tracking: No
    Material: Aluminium
    Type : Tripod
    Series: Basic
    Weight (kg): 11,5
    Warranty: 2 years
    Included accessories
    Barlow lens: 2x
    1.25'' eyepieces: 25mm, 10mm
    Finderscope: Red dot finder
    Recommended for:
    Children: Yes
    Beginners: Yes
    Intermediate: Yes
    Advanced: No
    Area of application
    Nature observation: Not recommended
    Moon & planets: Yes
    Nebula & galaxies Yes
    Astrophotography: No
    Sun: No (only with appropriate Sun filter)
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