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  • Bresser Solarix 114/500 telescope

    • Brand: Bresser
    • Product Code: 4614505
    • Availability: In Stock
    Garantija 2 gadi


    Get fascinated by the unique experience of observing the sun but also the wonderful starry night !
    We are proud to present the BRESSER Solarix 114/500 - the first all in one newtonian telescope package that enables you to observe the sun. With a certified quality at a sensational price point.
    The telescope arrives completely assembled - observation can start immediately.

    It was never easier for the public to observe the night sky and the sun so easily, cheap and - last but not least - safe. The solar filter that was especially designed for this telescope makes it possible. It contains a special foil that protects the eye against all kinds of solar radiation during observations: infrared, ultra violett and visible light is dampened to a safe level. Only a safe amount of the visible spectrum can pass the filter and creates a wonderful solar image in the eyepiece. The safety feature of this filter was checked by a independent quality assurance company. 

    Do you want to capture what you see? With the included smartphone holder bracket you can use your smartphone to easily take colour pictures of celestial objects - like through a telephoto lens!

    But the BRESSER Solarix 114/500 is of course also ready to be used for observing astronomical objects in the night sky. The featured accessories are everything you need for an immediate start. The newtonian reflector is equipped with a extensive manual and set up in almost no time. The telescope arrives completely assembled - observation can start immediately.

    Please note: Reflector telescopes with optical design Newton are very good for astronomical observing at the starry night sky. But these telescopes are not well usable for observing landscape and nature during daylight. Therefore we suggest BRESSER refractor (lens) telescopes for landscape and nature observing.

    • 20x  to 111x Magnification
    • Ready for solar and celestial observing
    • Complete accessories for immediate observations
    • Smartphone Holder Bracked for cellphone photography
    • Easy to use azimutal mount with tripod
    • The telescope arrives completely assembled - observation can start immediately


    • Optical Tube Assembly
    • Azimutal Mount
    • Aluminium Tripod with Spreader Bar and eyepiece holders
    • Aperture Solar-filter
    • 2 Eyepieces (31,7 mm / 1,25’’): K-9 mm, K-25 mm
    • 2x Barlow Lens
    • Smartphone holder bracket
    • Astronomical Software and downloadable moon chart
    • User Manual
    Type: Reflector
    Type of build: Newton
    Aperture (mm): 114
    Aperture ratio: 4,4
    Focal length (mm): 500
    Focal ratio: F/4,4
    Max. useful magnification: 230 x
    Light gathering capacity: 270 x
    Resolving capacity: 1,01
    Limiting stellar magnitude (mag): 12,1
    Focuser: 1,25" Gear rack
    Tube material: Steel
    Tube construction: Full tube
    Type: Azimuthal
    GoTo system: No
    Tracking: No
    Material: Aluminium
    Series: Solarix
    Weight (kg): 3.5
    Warranty: 2 years
    Included accessories
    Software: Stellarium
    Barlow lens: 2x
    1.25'' eyepieces: 25mm, 9mm
    Finderscope: Red dot finder
    Smartphone holder: Yes
    User manual: Yes
    Recommended for:
    Children: Yes
    Beginners: Yes
    Intermediate: Yes
    Advanced: No
    Area of application
    Nature observation: No
    Moon & planets: Yes
    Nebula & galaxies No
    Astrophotography: Not recommended
    Sun: Yes (using included solar filter)
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