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  • Bresser Science ADL 601 F microscope

    • Brand: Bresser
    • Product Code: 5770500
    • Availability: 1 - 3 weeks
    Garantija 2 gadi


    In the microscope's basis, there are a transmitted light LED illuminator (3 W) as well as the power supply and the continuously adjustable dimmer for transmitted light. The trinocular head allows mounting an SLR camera or a USB microscope camera with an optional adapter. The inclination of the eyepiece tubes is 30°. The fluorescence attachment includes a special LED wheel with four different lamps (green, blue, violet, ultraviolet), a filter wheel and a radiation shield. The LED lamps produce the exciting radiation in order to get fluorescence.

    Fluorescence microscopy is done. g. in biology, medicine, microchemistry, geology, semiconductor production and environmental protection. The Science ADL 601F LED is an instrument with an excellent value for money. It has also the other features, which are typical for high-quality microscopes: fourfold objective nosepiece, lengthwise and crosses the movable stage, coaxial focusing knobs (concerning fine drive: 200 µm / full turn), adjustment of eye relief, diopter adjustment and the phototube. Optional available, general accessories are the wide field eyepieces (WF10x, WF15x), the dividing eyepiece (WF10x), and dark field condensers (dry and oil).

    Optical characteristics
    Type of build: Trinocular
    Magnification: 40 - 1000 x
    Lighting: Incident light and transmitted light
    Condenser: Abbe N.A. 1.25
    Illumination: LED
    Diaphragm: Iris
    Eyepiece diameter (mm): 23.2
    Microscope head: 30° inclined
    Series: Science
    Dimensions (mm): 485 x 210 x 525
    Weight (kg): 11.6
    Warranty: 2 years
    Included accessories
    Objective: 4 x, 10 x, 40 x, 100 x
    Eyepiece: 10 x
    Immersion oil: Yes
    Field of application
    Biology: Yes
    Entomology: Yes
    Science: Yes
    Recommended for:
    Intermediate: Yes
    Advanced: Yes
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