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  • Bresser Erudit Basic Bino 40x-400x microscope

    • Brand: Bresser
    • Product Code: 5102200
    • Availability: 1 - 3 weeks
    Garantija 2 gadi


    The BRESSER Erudit Basic Bino is a versatile biological microscope with binocular head. Observing with both eyes makes viewing more comfortable and ergonomic and improves detail recognition. With its high quality optics it is the perfect choice for use in school or hobby. With battery powered LED lighting it can be used anywhere, e.g. for fieldwork or excursions. 

    The microscope can be used on a great variety of subjects, for example thin sections, pond life, or blood smears. It is also a useful tool to look at parasites of pets and livestock (e.g. coccidia, helminths, skin and fur parasites).
    Three magnifications (40x, 100x, 400x) deliver good resolution to see small details. There is no need to work with immersion oil. The achromatic DIN objectives deliver sharp images with nice detail. The 40x objective is spring loaded to minimize the risk of damage to specimen or objective. 
    The BRESSER Erudit Basic bino comes with a sturdy case for transport and storage, as well as with a smartphone holder for easy and convenient documentation of microscopic images and video.


    • Type: Biological microscope, transmitted light, binocular head
    • Application: Biology
    • Battery powered long life LED light for mobile use
    • Coarse and fine focus, coaxial
    • Coaxial mechanical desk
    • Adjustable Abbe condenser with diaphragm and filter holder
    • Comfortable eyepiece tube, 360° rotatable
    • Sturdy carry case


    • Magnifications: 40x, 100x, 400x
    • Achromatic DIN-Objectives
    • Eyepiece barrel diameter 23,2mm, field number 18mm
    • Battery powered LED light

    Optical characteristics
    Type of build: Binocular
    Magnification: 40 - 400 x
    Lighting: Transmitted light
    Condenser: Abbe
    Illumination: LED
    Eyepiece diameter (mm): 23.3
    Microscope head: 360° rotatable
    Dimensions (L x W x H), (mm): 292 x 168 x 352
    Batteries needed: 3x AA (LR6), 1.5 V
    Series: Erudit Basic
    Power supply: 1.5 V batteries
    Weight (kg): 3.1
    Warranty: 2 years
    Included accessories
    Carrying bag: Yes
    Objective: 4 x, 10 x, 40 x
    Eyepiece: WF 10 x
    Smartphone holder: Yes
    Field of application
    Biology: Yes
    Education: Yes
    Recommended for:
    Beginners: Yes
    Intermediate: Yes
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