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  • National Geographic experiment set chemistry

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    The National Geographic Chemistry Kit 2000 consists of 64 pieces with which you can make 70 different and exciting experiments. 

    An illustrated instruction manual tells you to step by step on how to proceed. 


    • How to make a colored foam column and homemade modeling clay?
    • How to create a lava lamp with a chemical reaction?
    • How to create giant soap bubbles with glycerine?
    • How to make incredible stalagmites and stalactites with crystals?



    Large and small measuring cups, Pasteur pipettes, funnel, balloons, rubber bands, tweezers, petri dish, play dough, straws, disposable lab-coat, protective gloves, protective goggles, sodium bicarbonate, plastic spatulas, test tubes, test tube rack, round filter papers, magnesium sulphate, copper sulphate, iodine tincture, litmus powder, flask for the litmus solution, liquid glycerine, wooden spatulas, potassium alum, wooden stick, pH test strips, yellow, blue and red food colouring, fresnel magnifier and manual with educational information and exciting experiments.

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