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  • Coronado PST 1.0A without case telescope

    • Brand: Coronado
    • Product Code: 27454
    • Availability: 1 - 2 Weeks
    Garantija 2 gadi

    Type: Refractor
    Type of build: Solar H-Alpha
    Aperture (mm): 40
    Focal length (mm): 400
    Focal ratio: F/10
    Max. useful magnification: 80 x
    Light gathering capacity: 30 x
    Resolving capacity: 2.88
    Focuser: 1.25" Coronado PST
    Bandwidth: < 1.0
    Series: PST
    Weight (kg): 2
    Warranty: 2 years
    Included accessories
    1.25'' eyepieces: 20 mm
    Recommended for:
    Beginners: Not recommended
    Intermediate: Yes
    Advanced: Yes
    Area of application
    Nature observation: No
    Moon & planets: No
    Nebula & galaxies No
    Astrophotography: Yes
    Sun: Yes

    The Personal Solar Telescope (PST) is a Coronado innovation. The world's most popular telescope to observe the Sun. This 40 mm diameter highly portable dedicated solar telescope features completely internal non-removable and student safe solar filtering optics with a 1.0-angstrom hydrogen-alpha (Ha) bandpass for great surface detail. The PST will show you the dynamic, ever-changing prominences at the edge of the Sun as well as filaments and other surface details in amazing detail, all in the brilliant and distinctive red color of hydrogen-alpha light.

    Study of the solar disk is now within the reach of the amateur astronomer. The PST represents the same technology and quality that goes into a SolarMax series telescope available to the new solar astronomer at the cost of some single premium eyepieces.

    Features a 40mm diameter dedicated Ha optical system with 30 mm internal etalon primary blocking filter and incorporated focuser and bandpass fine adjustment controls and built-in solar viewfinder. 400 mm focal length, f/10 focal ratio, with Cemax 20 mm eyepiece. Tripod not included.

    Mounting options include use on a standard photo tripod (scope is threaded for a standard camera 1/4-20 mounting bolt), use of a Coronado Malta tabletop tripod (sold separately) or the Meade DSM mount with computerized Autostar and GOTO technology. A custom hard case is available separately - see stock number PSTC.

    Open up a whole new world of astronomy with the Coronado PST.


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