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National Geographic 20x Stereo microscope

Two eyes are better than one! So many things you’ll find outside can be magnified up to 20 ..

78.00€ Ex Tax: 64.46€

Bresser Junior Biolux LCD 20x microscope

Two eyes are better than one! Lots of the things you find outdoors can be magnified up to 20 times w..

81.00€ Ex Tax: 66.94€

Celestron LABS S20 stereo microscope

The Celestron Labs S20 is the perfect introductory stereo microscope offered at an economical price...

82.00€ Ex Tax: 67.77€

Zenith STM-1 Stereoscopic microscope

A routine inspection microscope combining high optical quality with robust, reliable construction an..

93.00€ Ex Tax: 76.86€

Zenith STM-J 10x Stereo microscope

A robust reliable easy to operate instrument of high optical quality. Its relatively low magnificati..

98.00€ Ex Tax: 80.99€

Bresser Biorit ICD microscopeBresser Biorit ICD microscope

Bresser Biorit ICD microscope

The new Biorit ICD is the succesful combination of good price, high quality and useful eqipment. It ..

134.00€ 154.00€ Ex Tax: 110.74€

Zenith STM-30 Stereo microscope

A versatile instrument of robust metal construction and excellent optical performance ideal for use ..

164.00€ Ex Tax: 135.54€

Zenith STM-40 Stereo microscope

A versatile instrument of robust metal construction and excellent optical performance ideal for use ..

174.00€ Ex Tax: 143.80€

Bresser Erudit ICD microscope

The BRESSER Erudit ICD microscope is a stereo dissecting microscope and gives a threedimensional vie..

184.00€ Ex Tax: 152.07€

Zenith STL-80 Stereo microscopeZenith STL-80 Stereo microscope

Zenith STL-80 Stereo microscope

A very useful and versatile instrument for use throughout education and industry. Features 12v 10w..

245.00€ 270.00€ Ex Tax: 202.48€

Zenith ULTRA-400BLX microscope

Ideal for ordinary and advanced level biology studies. The Zenith ULTRA-400 V.2 series is purpose-bu..

265.00€ Ex Tax: 219.01€

Bresser Researcher ICD LED microscope

Very suitable for Minerals and other opaque objects. The LED/Accu version is versatile and mobile!Th..

284.00€ Ex Tax: 234.71€

Celestron LABS S10-60 Stereo microscope

The Celestron Labs S10-60 Stereo Microscope is an all-metal bodied, low-power stereo micro..

294.00€ Ex Tax: 242.98€

Zenith ST-400 Stereo microscope

The ST-400 is a versatile, full-sized stereoscopic microscope of sturdy construction, offering exce..

304.00€ Ex Tax: 251.24€

Bresser Biorit ICD-CS microscope

Because of its large swing range and very large working distance the BRESSER Biorit ICD CS offers an..

334.00€ Ex Tax: 276.03€

Zenith MICROLAB-1000B microscope

The MICROLAB-1000 series are full-sized laboratory standard instruments of modern ergonomic design, ..

345.00€ Ex Tax: 285.12€

Bresser Bino Researcher 40x-1000x microscope

The Bino Researcher is the mostly-selled BRESSER biological microscope in the medium range, due to i..

384.00€ Ex Tax: 317.36€

Celestron LABS CB2000CF microscope

The Celestron Labs CB2000CF Binocular Compound Microscope offers all the advanced features you’re l..

434.00€ Ex Tax: 358.68€

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