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Bresser Biolux ICD 20x microscopeBresser Biolux ICD 20x microscope

Bresser Biolux ICD 20x microscope

This handy stereo microscope with binocular head is not only ideal for beginners, but also for mobil..

55.00€ 69.00€ Ex Tax: 45.45€

National Geographic 20x Stereo microscope

Two eyes are better than one! So many things you’ll find outside can be magnified up to 20 ..

64.90€ Ex Tax: 53.64€

Celestron LABS S20 stereo microscope

The Celestron Labs S20 is the perfect introductory stereo microscope offered at an economical price...

74.00€ Ex Tax: 61.16€

Zenith PM-1 x20 Primary Inspection microscope

A high quality instrument of robust, reliable metal construction and excellent optical performance. ..

80.00€ Ex Tax: 66.12€

Zenith STM-1 Stereoscopic microscope

A routine inspection microscope combining high optical quality with robust, reliable construction an..

105.00€ Ex Tax: 86.78€

Bresser Biorit ICD microscope

The new Biorit ICD is the succesful combination of good price, high quality and useful eqipment. It ..

144.00€ Ex Tax: 119.01€

Bresser Researcher ICD LED microscope

Very suitable for Minerals and other opaque objects. The LED/Accu version is versatile and mobile!Th..

279.00€ Ex Tax: 230.58€

Bresser Biorit ICD-CS microscope

Because of its large swing range and very large working distance the BRESSER Biorit ICD CS offers an..

329.00€ Ex Tax: 271.90€

Seben SBX-5 microscope

Even if the optical feature of many microscopes is similar, it is the technology, which distinguishe..

339.00€ Ex Tax: 280.17€

Celestron Stereo microscope

The rigid pillar stand has a 360° rotatable binocular head which is inclined at 45° for comfortable ..

340.00€ Ex Tax: 280.99€

Bresser Bino Researcher 40x-1000x microscope

The Bino Researcher is the mostly-selled BRESSER biological microscope in the medium range, due to i..

375.00€ Ex Tax: 309.92€

Celestron LABS CB2000CF microscope

The Celestron Labs CB2000CF Binocular Compound Microscope offers all the advanced features you’re lo..

429.00€ Ex Tax: 354.55€

Bresser Science ETD 101 microscope

The BRESSER Extended ICD is a high-quality stereo microscope with transmitted light function, too. I..

635.00€ Ex Tax: 524.79€

Celestron LABS CB2000C microscope

The Celestron Labs CB2000C Binocular Compound Microscope offers all the advanced features you’re loo..

659.00€ Ex Tax: 544.63€

Celestron Professional Stereo Zoom microscope

A professional level zoom stereo microscope on a very rigid base, pillar stand, and head, which offe..

698.00€ Ex Tax: 576.86€

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