The BRESSER Biolux NV comes with a wide range of accessories and is an ideal beginners' microscope. A unique feature of these models, the Barlow zoom system is inside the eyepiece tubes: With the barlow lens the magnification can be  varied by a factor of 2 in visual observation. This feature, together with 3 objectives and 2 interchangeable wide field eyepieces gives a magnification range from 20x to 1280x. With the mechanical desk you can move your sample precisely even when observing at high magnifications. 

For optimal illumination a variable LED for transmitted and incident light together with a filter wheel gives the ideal light for all samples. Light from above is especially imortant to observe non transparent samples like leaves, small insects and much more. This makes microscopy for beginners very easy! The power is supplied by batteries (3x AA). A dust cover, 5 prepared slides and 5 blank slides and cover slips are included for making your own samples. 

With the included HD camera you can observe your samples on the computer screen, and capture images and video with the included Windows software. The software is compatible with Windos 7 / 8 and Win 10. With this camera, you can always document your interesting observations and share them with others.


  • biological microscope with HD camera
  • LED light for transmitted and incident light
  • battery-powered
  • lots of accessories
  • incident light for objects not higher than 4mm


Field of application

  • Biology
  • Coins
  • Mineralogy
  • Botany
  • Education

Focus group

  • Beginners

Optical specigications

Optical design: Biological

Magnification from: 20x

Magnification up to: 1280x

Electronics, hardware & software

Power supply: 1.5V Batteries

Batteries needed: 3x AA (Mignon), 1.5V

Lighting:  Incident and transmitted light

LED lights: 2

Dimmer: Dimmable lighting and switch for incident and transmitted light

Electronic eyepiece: 1280x720 Pixels (HD)

Image File Formats: jpg

Video Formats: AVI

Operating system:

  • Microsoft Windows 8
  • Microsoft Windows 10
  • Microsoft Windows 7

System requirements:

  • 1 GB RAM
  • 2 GHz Processor
  • CD or DVD drive
  • USB 2.0 Port

Interfaces: USB 2.0

General tehnical data

Case:  Plastic Case

Focusing system:  Focussing wheel

View:  Monocular

XY cross stage: Simple XY Stage

Colour: beige

Body material: Metal/plastic

Product series: Biolux

Warranty: 2 Years

Dimensions & weigts

Total length:   150 mm

Total width:    105 mm

Total height:   270 mm

Net Weight total (incl. accessories):   2.76 kg

Eyepiece Barrel Diameter:   20 mm


  • Solid metal Microscope
  • mechanical desk
  • HD camera with metal housing, resolution 1280 x 720
  • 2 eyepieces: 5x and 16x
  • 3 objectives: 4x, 10x and 40x
  • 1 Barlow lens with 2x magnification
  • Microscope tools
  • mechanical cross table
  • 5 prepared slides
  • 5 blank slides
  • Dust cover and hard case

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Bresser Biolux NV 20x-1280x microscope

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