"Antiqua" is a luxurious collection of classical furniture to decorate your living area. Chestnut wood furniture enriched with elegant antiqued brass details make this collection the most precious within the Zoffoli brand. Curved, refined and sober lines create an excellent handcrafted set, entirely Made in Italy. A complete range with all types of bar globes that combines the elegance of Italian design and the unique materials with the typical functionality of this furniture piece.

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Desk bar globe "Urano"

Designed to be used as a mini-bar on a desk or table top, this globe has an inner compartment that c..

199.00€ Ex Tax: 164.46€

Floorstanding globe "Mercurio"

Looking for a bar globe that can offer enough space to store 9 glasses and up to 9 bottles and take ..

389.00€ Ex Tax: 321.49€

Bar globe "Marte"

If you are looking for an elegant bar globe that requires not so much space, then this model is the ..

489.00€ Ex Tax: 404.13€

Corner bar globe "Saturno"

Decorate a free corner of your home with this handy featured bar globe that will perfectly fit into ..

509.00€ Ex Tax: 420.66€

Trolley bar globe with serving tray "Venere"

Entertain your friends with this convenient bar globe which has been designed with hospitality and s..

559.00€ Ex Tax: 461.98€

Cocktail table with bar "Terra"

Decorate the living room of your home or office with this unique item that combines the functionalit..

998.00€ Ex Tax: 824.79€

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