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Celestron Mini hand held digital microscope

The Celestron Mini Handheld Digital Microscope is an easy to use, low-power microscope at an afforda..

48.00€ Ex Tax: 39.67€

Bresser Biolux ICD 20x microscopeBresser Biolux ICD 20x microscope

Bresser Biolux ICD 20x microscope

This handy stereo microscope with binocular head is not only ideal for beginners, but also for mobil..

55.00€ 69.00€ Ex Tax: 45.45€

Bresser Duolux 20x-1280x microscope

The new Duolux - combines incident with transmitted light.The Duolux is a complete new Bresser devel..

134.00€ Ex Tax: 110.74€

Bresser Biolux NV 20x-1280x microscope

The BRESSER Biolux NV comes with a wide range of accessories and is an ideal beginners' microscope. ..

140.00€ Ex Tax: 115.70€

Celestron HDM PRO digital microscope

The Celestron Handheld Digital Microscope Pro is an easy to use, low-power microscope with a 5.0 MP ..

140.00€ Ex Tax: 115.70€

Bresser Biorit ICD microscope

The new Biorit ICD is the succesful combination of good price, high quality and useful eqipment. It ..

144.00€ Ex Tax: 119.01€

Bresser Biorit  20x-1280x microscopeBresser Biorit  20x-1280x microscope

Bresser Biorit 20x-1280x microscope

Like the Bresser Visiomar, the biological microscope Bresser Biorit is designed for the beginning in..

182.00€ 193.00€ Ex Tax: 150.41€

Bresser Erudit DLX 40x-1000x microscope Bresser Erudit DLX 40x-1000x microscope

Bresser Erudit DLX 40x-1000x microscope

The Bresser Erudit DLX positions itself as a high-quality, robust and good equipped microscope for s..

210.00€ 239.00€ Ex Tax: 173.55€

Bresser Biorit ICD-CS microscope

Because of its large swing range and very large working distance the BRESSER Biorit ICD CS offers an..

329.00€ Ex Tax: 271.90€

Celestron MicroFi WiFi digital microscope

Ergonomic handheld digital microscope with up to 80x magnification.Internal Wi-Fi module for connect..

349.00€ Ex Tax: 288.43€

Celestron Tetraview LCD digital microscope

The professional-level Celestron TetraView LCD Digital Microscope is a touchscreen LCD microscope wi..

465.00€ Ex Tax: 384.30€

Bresser Science 301 microscopeBresser Science 301 microscope

Bresser Science 301 microscope

The BRESSER TRM-301 is a trinocular biological microscope of first-class quality: This means excelle..

850.00€ 899.00€ Ex Tax: 702.48€

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