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  • Omegon AC 50/600 AZ telescope

    • Brand: Omegon
    • Product Code: 33243
    • Availability: Pre-Order
    Garantija 2 gadi

    Type: Refractor
    Type of build: Achromat
    Aperture (mm): 50
    Aperture ratio: 12,0
    Focal length (mm): 600
    Focal ratio: F/12
    Max. useful magnification: 100 x
    Focuser: Gear rack
    Tube construction: Full tube
    Type: Azimuthal
    Type of build: AZ-1
    GoTo system: No
    Tracking: No
    Material: Aluminium
    Type : Tripod
    Series: Basic
    Warranty: 2 years
    Included accessories
    1.25'' eyepieces: 12,5mm, 20mm
    Recommended for:
    Children: Yes
    Beginners: Yes
    Intermediate: No
    Advanced: No
    Area of application
    Nature observation: Yes
    Moon & planets: Yes
    Nebula & galaxies Not recommended
    Astrophotography: Not recommended
    Sun: No (only with appropriate Sun filter)

    What child hasn't dreamt of gazing at the stars with a telescope? The AC 50/600 opens up the world of skygazing.
    It takes children on a path into the fascinating world of astronomy, like the moon with its oceans and thousands of craters. This telescope offers tremendous views of the moon and the shadows on its surface.

    With the 50mm lens aperture, it can collect up to 50 times as much light as the naked eye. The included tabletop tripod provides a small azimuth stand.

    The AC 50/600 is a toy that will bring your child closer to nature. And who knows – perhaps it may even kindle the fire that will someday lead to intensive astronomical pursuits.

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