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  • Celestron DMK - digital biological microscope

    • Brand: Celestron
    • Product Code: 822500
    • Availability: In Stock
    Garantija 2 gadi

    Optical characteristics
    Type of build: Monocular
    Magnification: 40 - 600 x
    Lighting: Incident light and transmitted light
    Software compatibility: Windows XP or better
    Eyepiece 1 magnification: 10 - 20 x
    Imaging sensor: VGA, 640 x 480
    Dimensions (mm): 133 x 79 x 248
    Weight (kg): 0.624
    Warranty: 2 years
    Included accessories
    Slides: 3 prepared slides, 2 blank glass slides
    Dissecting set: Tweezers
    Objective: 3 - 4 x, 15 x, 30 x
    Accessory kit: Needle probe, eye dropper, light diffuser
    Field of application
    Biology: Yes
    Mineralogy: Yes
    Recommended for:
    Beginners: Yes

    The entry-level Celestron Digital Microscope Kit with magnification from 40x to 600x is the perfect tool for the budding scientist. Observe specimens with the zoom eyepiece, or attach the included digital camera to view them on your PC. Save photos or videos of your discoveries directly to your computer’s hard drive using the intuitive software.

    At high power, you’ll be able to examine specimen slides of yeasts and molds, cultures, plant and animal parts, fibers, bacteria, and more. Use the lower magnifications to examine objects like coins, rocks, insects, and more. Start out by using the provided specimen slides, and then create some of your own!

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