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  • Bresser (30 pcs.) prepared slides (histology)

    • Brand: Bresser
    • Product Code: 5985000
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    Garantija 2 gadi


    Permanent preparations are ready made conserved preparations. For high contrast the most of them are colored.
    Loose Connective Tissue, W.M.
    Hyaline Cartilage, Sec.
    Elastic Cartilage, Sec.
    Spinal Cord, C.S.
    Clavicle, S.S.
    Dense Bone, Sec.
    Smooth Muscle Teased Preparation W.M.
    Skeletal Muscle, L.S.C.S.
    Tendon Rabbit, Sec.
    Squamous Epithelium Smear From Human Mouth
    Simple Flat Epithelikum W.M.
    Stratified Flat Epithelium, Sec.
    Ciliated Epithelium, Sec.
    Human Skin Sec, Through Hair Follicle
    Human Skin Sec, Through Sewat Follicle
    Lung, Sec.
    Lung With Blood Vessels Lnjectde, Sec.
    Kidney.With Blood. Vessels Injected.Rat.Sec
    Artery & Vein, C.S.
    Human Blood, Smear.
    Lymph Node,Sec.
    Thyroid Gland
    Wall of Stomach, Sec.
    Small Lntesine, C.S.
    Liver, Sec.
    Cardiac Muscle Sec
    Testis Sec.
    Ovary, Sec.
    Kidney L.S
    Human Chromosome

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